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Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd.
Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd.

Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd. (EGMA) is an advisory company established in 2001. EGMA's activities and services focus on the consulting of business development and financial arrangements in the emerging markets. The main area of the business is financial advice for capital goods exports and direct investments associated with the establishment of productive activities.

The emerging markets and their attractiveness as a business environment have gradually improved along with the market economy reforms. These include privatization and other improvements in the operative environment such as legislation and taxation. The population growth and higher living standards also create new markets with increasing purchasing power. Many emerging countries such as Malaysia, China, the Czech Republic, Poland, Chile or Mauritius have, through their good example, encouraged the emerging continents as a whole to improve their investment conditions.

The successful activities in the emerging markets require not only the general knowledge of the local conditions but also the experience of the financial arrangements and risk management. The services of EGMA have been designed to address the specific needs which, by experience, arise in the emerging markets. They are suitable for both large and small companies which want to benefit from these out-sourced services.

The advantages of EGMA's services to its customers include, inter alia, the search of suitable investors and financiers, competitive and viable financial arrangements, identification of the risks as well as flexibility and speed to deliver the services. A major advantage is cost efficiency as most of the advisory work is completed on a success fee basis and therefore the remuneration is based on the actual realization of the deal concerned. EGMA's global network is naturally available to its customers.

EGMA operates in close and good cooperation with the Finnish and international banks/financiers but it is a fully private and independent advisor and it is not connected with any financial grouping.

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