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Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd.
Experience, Knowledge and Track Record

Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd. was founded by Mr. Markku Pekonen in the year of 2001. The major part of experience and knowledge of the company is based on his professional activities in the emerging markets since 1970s.

Mr. Pekonen acted during the years 1976-2001 in the World Bank (Washington D.C) and Finnfund, Finland in various professional and managerial positions, including the responsibilty of the CEO for Finnfund in 1986-2001. In these capacities, his experience is composed of inter alia:

  • thorough and long experience of the international development banks and their activities (World Bank, IFC, EBRD, EIB)
  • the major experience on the direct investment activities of the key Finnish industrial companies in the emerging markets
  • in-depth and wide experience on the individual productive investment projects and their financing (about 300 realised investments)
  • representative geographical and regional working experience of the major economies in the emerging markets (more than 40 countries)
  • Board working experience in the enterprises established and operating in the emerging markets
  • close collaboration with the major private and public banks and guaranteeing agencies operating in the emerging markets and in the international field.
In the activities of Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd. since late 2001, the experience and knowledge of the company has been further strengthened including mandates for the advice for financial arrangements, investor search for private equity and investment funds, and business development. This advisory work has covered various industrial sectors, including forest industries, development of ports and material handling as well as energy production( especially renewable energy).

In the section References in this website, a group of representative advisory assignments has been introduced describing well EGMA’s key activities.

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