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Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd.
The Way of Operations

Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd. operates as an independent and confidential financial advisor. EGMA works in the best interest of its customers to find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. EGMA carries out its mandates with efficiency, flexibility and high quality.

The company provides its unique experience from emerging markets investments to its customers. This experience covers economic and industrial development in the emerging markets over the last 25 years. It also includes investments in the areas of manufacturing industries, services and financial institutions in more than 40 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America as well as Central and eastern Europe. EGMA follows internationally accepted standards as regards social, ethical and environmental considerations in the connection of investments and entrepreneurial activities.

EGMA carries out its mandates through contractual arrangements which fit the needs and practices of its clients. These arrangements may be tailor-made agreements related to well-defined individual projects. The client company may also enter into a long-term agreement according to which EGMA's services are available on a continuous basis against an agreed fee (retainer).

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