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Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd.
Advisory Services for the Financial Sector

Emerging Markets Advisors Ltd. possesses a broad and long experience on the management and operations of the financial sector in the emerging markets. This concerns traditional development banks, investment banks and funds as well as specialized financial institutions. The experience includes financial institutions both in public and in private ownership with their respective investment policies and special issues. The key experience is derived from the main emerging continents including Asia, Africa, Latin America and central and eastern Europe.

The following services are being offered to the key decision-makers and senior management of the financial institutions:

  • strategy development

  • policy reviews and evaluations

  • organizational and management assessments

  • evaluations of the past performance

  • initial reviews of the investment concepts and proposals

  • development of the risk management policies and systems

  • trouble-shooting and recovery programs for the financial institutions in distress

  • general management support and dialogue
The rapidly changing operational environment in the emerging markets has changed the basis for many financial institutions which operated successfully in the more regulated and stable environments with less competition. Based on its experience during the last 20 years in very different environments, EGMA is in a good position to advise clients on the appropriate measures to be taken for the adjustment process and safeguarding successful operations in the future.

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